Warwick, NY in the 1940s and 1950s
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Baird,   John       Date: Mon,1 Sept 2003 From: "John Baird"
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Hey Eddie...enjoyed seeing your website on Warwick.......still teaching here at Bloomsburg...sorry I missed you a few years ago when your neice graduated.....my Dad still knocking em out at WVCC (85 years old)....we get there on occasion....you play golf left handed?....see ya..John Baird
Ammann,   Dieter       Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 From: "Dieter Ammann"
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The scrapbook is a wonderful idea!! It sure is fun to see people's photos, isn't it amazing that noone has changed from high school days. To bring veryone up to date: My wife Marjorie and I live in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago. We have been here since 1973. I have a son Keith, 34 and a daughter Rebecca, 24. Marjorie and I are both retired from the Federal Government. I have my own consulting business specializing in Organization Development. This is play, not work. We don't go East much; we like to go to Colorado. Will be there later this year. If all goes well, we will come out to the reunion in October. I would love to hear from people. Dieter
Wilcox Lyons,   Bobbie (Barbara)       From: Bobbie (Barbara) Wilcox Lyons Date: Fri, 07 March 2003 Click to email Bobbie (Barbara) Wilcox Lyons

Thought I would take a stroll down memory lane. Boy with the pictures and the letters a lot of the good times came back. My name is Bobbie (Wilcox) Lyons, we lived on Feagles Road between Amity and Pine Island and graduated in l953. The class is going to have a reunion in July of this year and sure hope most of everyone can make it. I already have our plane tickets purchased and looking forward to it. It has been 45 years since I lived in the Warwick area, but have tried to keep in touch with some, lost tract of others and unfortunately forgot a few. But with renewing my friendship with some of my classmates thru this electronic genius I find I have not gone senile just forgetful. My husband Morgan and I live on a small ranch just south of San Antonio, Texas, and besides raising Beef Master Cattle and Boar Goats, we have a lot of exotics. Fortunately we both have a love of animals and farm life. I have a son that has retired from the Navy after 25 years, married, living in Hawaii. His son will be entering medical school next year. I also have 2 step sons, one lives in San Antonio, and the other in Tabernacle New Jersey. Through my step children I have 3 other grandchildren. One in college, One in Modeling School and the oldest out on his own and does carpentry work. My Mom lives on the ranch with us, dad died 5 years ago. If I can find my old scrap book and album that I had while in school will send you some pictures. May take a while. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I am still working every day. Morgan has been retired from the local brewery (Pearl) for 8 years now, but I love what I do, basically my own boss so other than getting a tad bit older, a little more rounder, feel no different from that teenager that gave Pop Feldner hell all the time. Yes, I was terrible in Algebra but he forgave me in dramatics. Janet Schlagel, Betty Lou Gray and I have maintained friendship all these years and recently started talking electronically with Glen Doty, My talking to him gave me the courage to write this note and would love to say hello to any of my classmates or anyone else that would like to chit chat every once in a while. Well just wanted to say hello to everyone, hope to see most of you in July. Bobbie (Barbara) Wilcox Lyons Class of "53
Osborn,   Chip       From: Chip Osborn Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:08:21 -0500
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From Chip Osborn Chip9@optonline.net

I'm at home, caregiving mom since 6/01.

Would like to hear from all friends and classmates.
Doty,   Glenn       Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:14:53 -0800 From: "Glenn C Doty"
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I wish I had found the page last year. When my dad passed, we found tons of pictures, ranging from Warwick village to Warwick public schools, old and new. I'm not sure whether my brother Steve has them or whether we tossed them. I'll inquire. I think there may be pix somewhere of mom with students from her days at Warwick Junior High, although I doubt we can date them.
As for me, I've retired as a professor of journalism from the State University at New Paltz. That career followed my time as sports editor of the old Middletown Times Herald, sports writer for the Binghamton Sun Bulletin and then sports editor and later managing editor of the Times Herald-Record in Middletown.
Three boys: one's a Middletown police sergeant, one's a heavy equipment operator for the Operating Engineers Union and one's a member of the New York City Police Department, stationed in Harlem. Six grandchildren. My oldest grandson, a sophmore at Middletown High, is third-ranked wrestler in Section 9 at 145 pounds.
My wife and I run an antique shop in the Town of Montgomery.
Krasniewicz,   Vince       Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 17:25:42 -0500 From: "VINCENT KRASNIEWICZ"
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Ed, Did another tour through the scrapbook you are doing a great job. The latest pictures are amazing. I was extreemly pleased to see the 1935 football team picture, I'm sure you know why(Uncle Frank). Never saw this photo before except possibly in the trophy case at the highschool. Whatever it is great to see the picture of my Uncle, and can you believe Hank looked the same in 35 as he did in 55. Maybe it means we don't look old only our bones givve us away.
I have the names from the picture that Gerry Mabee sent, at least I think I am right. Front row: Walt Toffel, Joan Skutnik,Helen Krasniewicz Second row: Dot Bogdanski, Irene Bigert, Nancy Bierstine. I will e-mail Gerry with this,for her confirmation.
As you know I'm here in sunny NC and love it. My mom passed away last Oct so we were back in Warwick for a week. Joe is still a Warwick resident married tdo Jean Miller. We try to return to my roots as often as possible, my wife Wanda is a Texan so we go there to.
Well thats about it keep in touch. e-mail vwkras@mindspring.com Regards Vince
Mabee Sauer,   Gerry       From: "Gerry Mabee Sauer" Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 22:37:31 -0600
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Phinney,   Ed       From: Phinney, Edward S" Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 08:24:23 -0700
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I graduated from WHS in June 1946. I lived in Warwick from 1938 until I enlisted in the USAF on December 1, 1948. The web page is wonderful. My e-mail address is: edward.phinney@state.nm.us
McGovern,   Barney       From: Barney McGovern Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 19:51:32 EST
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Hello Ed, I remember our days of waking from the park all the way to Memorial Park when I was ni charge of the summer program.I stayed in coaching after I graduated from Ithaca College and finally ended up as a school principal. Retired in 1987.Go to Warwick now and then to play golf at the Country Club.
Giardino,   Tami       From: kaya tami bell Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 20:24:02 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Tami Giardino here..my parents moved to warwick sometime in the 50's and just moved from warwick in 1993.. my email address for the scrpbk is kaya9886@yahoo.com will you be having a page for essays of stories and things we'd like to post? Hopefully it's coming soon! take care!! Tami
Ullery Hill,   Charlotte       From: "Charlotte Ullery Hill" Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 04:41:46
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Hi Eddie: Just discovered the Warwick site at the bidding of Shirley Masker Nauman. What a wonderful site it is. I haven't gotten ALL the way through it yet, but you are to be commended for heading this up. It's great. Please add my e-mail address. chillout@dreamscape.com Charlotte Ullery Hill
Seeley,   Walt and Mary       From: "Walt and Mary Seeley" <14camp@warwick.net> Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001
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Hi Ed- Looking in the Townsfolk section of your very interesting, wondeful site I see a lady sitting at Windermere Beach, Greenwood Lake-" Do you know me". That is Mary Davenport from our own Warwick village. Leo "Lappy" Davenport was her husband and worked as a mail carrier in town for many years. Leo and Mary were very friendly folks and you would always see them with a big smile. As well as playing for the theatre - she also would collect the tickets as you entered the lobby and yes they did live in the Dispatch bldg. for many years. Wonderful folks! Walt S.
Freisinger,   Gerry       From: "Gerry Freisinger" Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 04:41:46
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Hi Ed, A patient brought in a picture from your scrapbook. Didn't know about it til now. Great job with fond memories built up. Congratulations. Remember the "sandlot" days in your back yard, the summer baseball at the park and the "Junior Sportsman" with Bob Wright coaching. Sadly I left WHS in 1954 at parents' control. Sign of agedness: Went to Andover with ML Baseball Commisioner Bart Giamatti as class mate and FIVE YEARS before GW. We wish him well in this troubled time. Though I left Warwick early, I was one of few who returned -1973. One of the most difficult things has been involvement in the fight against the inevitable illness and worse of those I have known from childhood. From your folks to so many parents of old friends and friends themselves. Spans close to thirty years. My daughter, Patty, and her family live in the Langlitz house on South St Ext. I lived in the Littenberg house for years. I still run into Doty, the Kraz's, the Watch's, Monty Beers and a few others. Floyd Gurda's son delivers the oil up here in the woods of Iron Mountain in New Milford, which has its own history. If ever you or John - or anyone else in the scrapbook family - come up this way, please stop in. Gerry Freisinger heart@warwick.net
Feldner Lawlor,   Amy       From: "Amy Feldner Lawlor" Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:29:21
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Dear Ed:
Amy (Amelia) Feldner Lawlor here! George & Sally's one and only daughter! First, boy do we LOVE your website. I shared the address last month at a Methodist Church Council on Ministries Meeting and everyone went home to check it out. Regina Conklin Ball said she spent a couple of hours checking it out (she is part of the group who are organizing a big reunion next summer for all the classes of the 1960's). Anyway, the reason I am writing you has to do with the Warwick United Methodist Church. At our annual picnic on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001, we are planning to share memories of the church. We are hoping to have Florence Tate as our special guest, we would like to video tape or audio tape peoples stories and remembrances of growing up in the church to become part of the church archives. I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us that Sunday at 10:00 at the Warwick Town Park, seeing as how you "grew up" in the church. If you can't be with us but would like to jot down some memories, I will share them at the picnic for you. We also are asking people to bring photos they may have, either to donate to the church or loan to us to scan into the church archives. If you have any photos you would like share and are not there, you can email them to the church at wumc@warwick.net, ATTN: Amy Lawlor. Many of us fondly still remember you and your family and you know what they say, once a family member, always a family member - once a Methodist, always a Methodist - or something like that! I look forward to hearing from you. Fondly, Amy Lawlor PS Keep up the great work! My dad has been contacted by many former students thanks to you and your website and it has meant so much to him to be remembered! Thank you for that!
Myers,   Frank and Dorthy       From: Frank and Dorothy Myers Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 18:02:52 -0700
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Hi Ed, This is Frank Myers. My family is up visiting some friends who showed us this website. Our email address in Clarksville, TN is DJEM62@aol.com. Dorothy went to school with John Winchester , who graduated in '54. My brother Andy played basketball at Park Avenue. Drop us a line. Frank and Dorothy Myers
Fry,   Bob       From: "Christine L. Fry" Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:15:20 -0600
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Hi Ed! It's been a long time. I just heard about your website from Bill and wanted to send along my E-mail. That is Fryanth@ketnet.net. Bill plans to send his in soon. I have scanned in my elementary school photos so I can send them in as soon as I download them from my zip disks. The machine we use for the internet doesn't have a zip drive yet. I'll do them soon, but I have to do a couple of weeks fieldwork in Belize first. I am still teaching anthropology and archaeology at Purdue having been there for over 30 years. My wife teaches anthropology at Loyola in Chicago so we live halfway between and split the commute. We have been coming back to Warwick regularly, but the timing of the reunions never seems to work with my schedule. This is a great website and I look forward to making some contributions and getting back in touch with people. Best regards, Bob Fry
Vanderhoof Lewis,   Gloria       From: "Gloria VanDerhoof Lewis" Date: 01 Mar 2001
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Dear Ed: First, I wish to thank you for creating this book. I have enjoyed it as well as many others and so will many more in the future, I'm sure. Second, under TEAM, the 1955 girls field hockey team in the fron row my name is Gloria VanDerhoof and the girl next to me is Marie Beyers. Nancy Urbin is the girl at the end of the second row and the girl next to her is Judy Luft. Third, I have a few pictures to send to you. However, I do not have a scanner so would like to send them and have them returned to me. I will need an address to send the picture too. Also I have some postcards of the Warwick area that I could do the same with if you wish to have them. I will await your reply before doing anything. Gloria VanDerhoof Lewis
Buchanan,   Ray (Barry)       From: Ray(Barry) Buchanan Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 18:39:50 -0800
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While stumbling around the internet I was pleasantly surprised to discover Warwick, the 40's and 50's....great job!!! Thanks for the memories Ray Buchanan (Barry) raybosan@jps.net
Pinkel McVeigh,   Teri       From: "Teri Pinkel McVeigh" Date: 20 Dec 2000
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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2001
Great website. I check it out every now and then to see all the additions. Kindly add my Email address: LandLadyFL@aol.com - Teri Pinkel McVeigh
Giveans,   Fred       From: "Fred Giveans" Date: 10 Dec 2000
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Hi Ed - Here is a photo of you playing basketball in the old high school gym . Also in the photo is Bill Foley and in the far back ground I think is Porky Sisco.
My dad had this photo in other photo's that Gene Wright had given him of the semi-pro baseball teams that My dad "Buttercup Giveans " coached in the late 40' and early 50's.
Yes my dad was Buttercup as Barry Grodon said, he owned the Esso Station from the late 30's to 1960 when he sold it to Clint Doty. It was the Hot Stove Baseball center for the town.
I have some photos of the semipro baseball teams and some photos of the three fire compines from the late 40's that I will scan and email to you.
Black,   Sharon and Ken       From: "Sharon and Ken Black" Date: 10 Oct 2000
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I certainly enjoyed [the Warwick website] … and am still enjoying when I get a moment to view some of the wonderful faces and memories. I was stuck inbetween the 50's and 60's, and I am glad I was. What a wonderful bunch! You have created a beautiful memorybox. Lot's of hard work and love went into this project. Ken and I are well, ... [Youngest son] Tom is coaching at VCU and Jim is building ski lifts. .. .. .. .. Keep up the good work. As I am going through photographs I will see if I have photos that are especially nice. Loved the picture of Carole Hann and your Ashley is beautiful as you are handsome (does Sharon need glasses or what?)
As we continue through life let us keep in touch. Much love,
Sharon and Ken
Patterson,   Bill "Clutch"       From: William "Bill" "Clutch" Patterson W22P@aol.com Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 Subject: The "Clutch" nickname
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Hi Ed - The rest of the story about the "Clutch" name. It happened at the Beach Mt. boy scout camp. We were in a Volley Ball game. I kept slipping on the wet grass. Larry Parkin who was playing said to me "the clutch is slipping". That's the rest of the story. The truth is finally out. I am now retired in Florida - a place called Punta Gorda, which is a little bit north of Ft. Myers on the gulf coast. After enlisting in the navy and completing 4 years, I completed a BS degree in Math & Engineering. Taught high school math for four years, completed an MBA, worked in engineering positions for 9 years up and down the East coast. Started an electrical distributor. Also engineering sales and service company in Mass. Stayed in the Naval Reserve retiring as a Capt. Sold the two companies 3 years ago. Now playing golf and traveling. I may have some documents and pictures for you scrap book. Let me have the address to send them to. Regards. WJP
Sisco,   Sandy       From: Sandy Quackenbush Sisco ronaldsisco@webtv.net (Ronald Sisco) Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 Subject: E & S Restaurant
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I'm Sybil Quackenbush’s daughter Sandy. I wanted to tell you that my dad's name was Edgar Quackenbush and he was the “E” in “E & S”. He was the "night cook", even though he farmed during the day. I cried when I saw the picture of the restaurant, as my mom and dad are both gone now.
Finger Latham,   Judi       From: Judi Finger Latham Date: Thurs, 14 Sep 2000 Click to email Judi

Hi Ed!!
You are probably wondering who sent you that Email with no data!! Twas me Judi ( Finger ) Latham.. Great web site the scrapbook.. Getting ready to close out for the day will get back with info in a couple of days. PS .. In case you didn't notice this is my work Email. Would love to hear from you all. Catch you later!!!
Jahnsen Nadeau,   Ellen       From: Ellen Jahnsen Nadeau Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 Click to email Ellen

Dear Ed
Nice idea. I love it. I graduated in 1959, you were a year ahead of me. You have motivated me to dig out the olde albums, and I hope I can send you some olde photos of the "good olde days" in Warwick. My maiden name was Jahnsen, and I lived over the mountain (wasn't that by Jonnie and Joe?) on the olde Monroe road. Perhaps you remember my friend Priscilla Duryea. Anyway I am Ellen Nadeau now and live in central Jersey. I get back to Warwick visiting my sister who still lives in New Milford, and of course attend my reunions. So when i rummage thru the olde memories, I'll send you something. Stay well. wishing you all good things. Ellen
Felker,   Brian       From: Brian Felker Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 Click to email Brian

From Brian Felker -
Great job on the websight,my e-mail is bridonfel@aol.com. I have retired from Shell Oil effective 1-1-00,I think I've adjusted very well. We,(Donna)and I,spent the summer in the Canadian Rockies. The Ziggy man (that would be John Zygmunt) made it up for a few days and we did some hiking in the Lake Louise area. Hope to see you on the 30th of Sept.
Hall,   Bob       Date: 21 Jul 2000 Subject: A little history of Bob Hall From: Bob Hall WACWR@aol.com Click to email Bob Hall

I was born in 1934, and raised in Warwick. The greater part of my childhood, from 1942 until 1952, was spent at the house on the corner of West and Howe Streets, 79 West Street.
I progressed through the public school system, and upon graduation joined the USN. Ingeborg Bergman, my classmate and a long time resident of Warwick, and I became sweethearts during our senior year, and in 1954 while I was stationed in Coronado, CA she joined me and we were married. We remain married with three grown children.
In 1956, I was discharged from the USN, and we returned to Warwick for a brief time. I enlisted in the Air Force while there, and was stationed at Stewart AFB for a little over a year. During that period, we rented an apartment from my sister, Marion Pearson, at 37 Oakland Avenue.
In the years since 1957, we have returned on numerous occassions to visit, but never for long enough to renew acquaintences. Relatives in Warwick were Ralph and Alma Welch, who owned and operated Coats' Jewelry Store; Earl and Alice Clark, parents to Virginia and James Clark of whom you may know; Arthur and Marion Pearson with children Danny, Katherine, Bill, Marion and Meribah; Howard and Florence Hall, who lived on the corner of Galloway Road and Galloway Heights. All have passed away except my nephews and nieces of the Pearson family: Kathy, who is now Mrs. Terry Eagan; Bill, who still resides in Warwick; and the other members who have moved to other locations.
Visits to Warwick are a very strange experience. For having spent all of my formative years there, I am aware I am a complete stranger. The town has not changed that much, but I know no one other than the surviving relatives. Your website is a wonderful place to renew memories of those I knew, and some of the activities we enjoyed in the 40's and 50's. I commend you on your endeavors to bring them alive, and appreciate it immensely.
I remember John, who I presume is your brother. He was a sophomore when we were seniors. I think we didn't know each other, but I do remember him. You must have been a step or two later, as I am with my brother (who now resides in California).
I know I haven't given you much info, Ed, but we hope to go through the old photo albums and find some pictures that may be of general interest at your website. When we do, we will no doubt provide more details. You're doing a great job, and I'm sure there are many like ourselves who are very grateful. We do thank you. Bob
Krasniewicz,   Vince       Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:43:41 -0400
From: "The Krasniewicz" Click to email Vince
We just had our 45'th reunion the class of 55. Had a small group but a great time.Helen Krasniewicz Fegeals and Hope Wheeler took care of most of the details.Our third time at the Jolly Onion Inn.In attendance , if I can remember: Walt Toffel, Dick Cooper from SFO, Vince Wetzel SFO Dick Reilly,Wisner Buckbee, Bob Atton, Bob Ruszkiewicz BOS, Bob Urbin upstate NY, Julie Helt FLA,Helen Conklin FLA, Shirley Brown Asst Town Clerk Can't think of any more right know but we had a great time . Vito Magdelinskas was there, as our guest. Did you know only four teachers are alive from our high school days, George Feldner',Herb Baum,Sam Wood and Vito. I am retired from flying for American Airlines, did so in Jan 98 and moved to Calabash NC and love it my new job is playing golf. Not bad for an old kid that grew up on the onion farm in Pine Island. If you wou;ld please include my email address in the list.it is vwkras@nccoast.net
By the way the Town Scrapbook is a great idea. Regards,
Vince Krasniewicz
My best to John
Clark Schuldt,   Ginger       Date: 19 Jul 2000 From: Ginger Clark Schuldt Ginjo@webtv.net (Scarlet Chicken) Click to email Ginger
I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm Ginger Clark , originally from Warwick, N.Y. I DO have a few group pictures of my classmates that I'd love to send in to the Scrap book, and would like to know the proper way of doing this..I understand the pictures that you CAN scan you will do so and send back..You must be overwhelmed by this time..Right?
I also have really OLD picture post cards of Warwick and the history of Warwick that my Aunt Marion Coats wrote in High School in 1913..I'm not sure that you would want to go that far back but who is counting....(Hah).. Please pay no mind to my Web "handle" I've been the "Scarlet Chicken" since abt. 1970..(long story)..I'm so excited about this whole thing because I return to Warwick alot and still love it so..but , unlike Dorothy, I can't click my ruby shoes and it takes me abt. 2 hours and 15 min to get there from where I live now . (Afton, N. Y.)..Would really love to hear from you when you get the chance..Tho I do realize you probably have other things to do besides the Scrapbook..Right? Thanks alot .
Yours Truly, Ginger Clark Schuldt
Lesando Rooney,   Teresa       Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:54:55 EDT
From: "Teresa (Tessie) Lesando Rooney"

Click to email Teresa - Tess
    I will try to tell you a little of what I have been doing. In 1966 I moved to Saugerties, N.Y. to be near Ginger(Clark) of course. Shirley (Sinsabaugh) Conklin lived across the Hudson River in Red Hook N.Y. so we kind of were still together. I worked for Philips Components (Magnavox) for 31 years until I retired in 1998. Worked part time for Fleet bank during tax season, and for Philips part time as a cust. service rep. until Feb. of this year when they flew me to Atlanta to work for a week. I'm sure now that will terminate my service with them finally.     Also worked part time for the Ulster County Sheriff's Dept. as a court attendant picking jurors from jury pools and supervising them during the trials they served on. I enjoyed that.     My daughter and I moved to Myrtle Beach last August. I have 3 daughters, Cathy (oldest) Rosemary, and Susan McFarland. Cathy lives in Florida, works at Kennedy Space Center in personnel. Rosemary lives with me and works at the Grand Strand Regional Hospital as a pre-registration clerk. She worked for Philips 22 years until they closed and began the process of sending it to Mexico, Taiwan and Spain.(That's why we decided to move here.And to get away from the cold winters.) Susan lives in Kingston N. Y. where I will be visiting for a week and she is the Ulster County Sheriff's private Secretary and will be in Warwick with me next Saturday. We often visit with her Father and his wife when we can of course my brother. Ginger and I still keep in touch by e-mail. Her daughter came her with Susan and will be coming again in Nov. I hope with Ginger. We are trying to get her to come this time. Shirley, Ginger and I used to get together every Thanksgiving whenever possible so we never cut the ties. Ginger is coming to Saugerties from Afton when I get up there, so next week I will see her also. I'm looking forward to it. Dolores Dowd Arco came to see me last week and it had been at least 40+ years. I was so happy to see her. It has been so long since I have seen anyone from Warwick. I must stop the rambling on. It can't be old age can it? I look forward to watching the homepage scrapbook grow and contacting you and hope to see you next week if possible. My best to your family, Tessie
Feldner,   Marty       Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 00:25:46 -0400 From: "Marty & Nydia Feldner"
Click to email Marty & Nydia
Been meaning to write you for a while...
I have to tell you how happy I am that you took Peggy Elston up on her offer of her father's pictures. They are a tremendous resource, and there are more (I believe the Warwick Historical Society is the repository of his entire collection of 'downtown' shots).
When I was with Paddock's TV in the seventies, and getting into photograpy myself, I spoke with Roy several times. I don't remember all the details, but he took a picture of every business on Main Street at least twice (maybe three times), at roughly decade intervals. The Dispatch and Advertiser have used some of these over the years as 'looking back' items.

Now, to specifics...Charlie Mondello's shoe shop, and Kinney's Market.

22 years ago, my wife and I bought Charlie Mondello's house (next to the tracks, natch!). The shoe repair shop was part of the property. About two years back, we had the exterior painted. Somewhat reluctantly- "Shoe Repair" was still visible painted on the right side wall, facing Factory Street.

Kinney's Market was across the street. Sometime in the mid seventies, Charlie Mondello bought the building, and ran the market with his wife for a few years before opening his Deli on Main Street (now Russell's Deli). Kinney's is now apartments.

Kinney's Market was one of the neighborhood grocery stores around Warwick at the time.

In the early sixty's, as a teenager, I had paper route that covered this area. Charlie Mondello was a customer, as was Clarence Kinney (at his home on the corner of Wheeler and McEwen). Saturday was collection day. I timed it so I'd hit this area somewhere around noontime, about midway in the route. On nice days, I'd stop in Kinney's, pick up something to eat, ride my bike around the corner to the L&HR office building on River Street, and sit on the grass for an hour or so watching the action in the yards. As you know, at the time, the activity in the yards was constant. LOTS to watch!

Looking back, for a young railfan (we didn't use the word then...), it didn't get much better. Growing up in Warwick then in general didn't get much better.

Enough blathering for tonight.

Marty Feldner

KC2DPC email- feldner@warwick.net A Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. Scrapbook- http://LHR.railfan.net
Hart,   Bobby       Date: 20 June 2000 From: Bob Hart Click to email Bobby Hart
To all: I am interested in the path your life has followed and where you are now, so please fill me in on yourself. Also, some of you have asked where I have been. If you are not one of them and you're not interested, read no further. This is probably more than you wanted to know, but it has been exciting. The attachment is a picture of my wife where we play golf in West Va. (for those of you in Fla., you may have forgotten about this kind of scenery but it is like Warwick. Now a litany of adventures: Left Park Ave school after failing (with flying colors) 7th grade and went to St. John's High in Goshen which turned me around and graduated with a B average (total of 100 in the school and 33 in senior class). Had a senior trip to Washington, D.C. and thought that may be the only time I will see it - how life changes! Graduated from St. Johns and went to the only college that accepted me, St. Francis in Loretto, Pa (100 miles east of Pittsburgh, 100 miles west of Harrisburg and in the middle of no where on top of the Alleghenies, the town had 2 stores, 2 bars and a Post Office, (little did I know that life would bring me back to that same ridge of mountains). College life was up and down (in other words, on probation for grades this semester, get off next and back on the next). In my senior year a freshman swept Bobby off of his feet and we both left St. Francis with her going to Union County Junior College in NJ, near Cranford, NJ where she lived. It's now 1963. Me, I did just what I set out to do ever since being a teen ager. I got a job as an Executive for the Boy Scouts of America in Elmira, NY and ran the camp on Lake Seance. When camp closed I worked in the office in Elmira until Dec. 1963 when I got a greetings letter from Uncle Sam. The draft would have been for 2 years but Bobby out smarted them - he saw a recruiter and signed up for 4 years in the Army Security Agency (In the long run, a good move). After basic training at Ft. Dix in January (fun in the snow and ice but I spent a lot of time driving a truck while others slept in tents and went on long hikes, I slept in the barracks because I had to drive the truck the next day.) Then on to Ft. Devens Mass. for skill training where every class was going overseas from there to Iceland, Iran, Turkey, etc. So, that Freshman and I decided to get Married before I went overseas. Did that 18 April 1964. SURPRISE, my class did not go overseas but to Vint Hill Farms Station in Warrenton, VA (me a Private E-2, married and first child arrived 9 months after we got married). We stayed at Vint Hill all 4 years with me making staff Sergeant in 3 years. I loved what I was doing, we were detecting Chinese and Russian rocket launches and nuclear tests. At the end of my 4 years, the Boy Scouts offered me $5,000 and the Army offered me $9,000 to work for them in their Headquarters in Arlington, Va. We now had 2 daughters and number 3 on the way. I decided to take the Army job for if I didn't like it I could always go back to BSA. Moved into a home in Manassas, Va. I was a Computer Specialist (had to get someone to show me what a key punch machine was) but my work entailed Computer Management and contracting for equipment for worldwide installations. I moved up in grade and by 1972 took my first temporary duty trip to a couple of installations (went around the world - DC to LA to Hong Kong for an overnight, to Bangkok for a week in Udorn, Thailand then on to Frankfort, Germany for a week. We now had 4 daughters that we farmed out and Lorraine met me in Frankfort and we toured Germany for a week. Then came home. From then on I had annually, at least one trip to Germany and one trip to Hawaii with some others thrown in like Korea, Japan, Ft. Devens and San Francisco. In 1979 the Army sent our whole family to Germany for 3 years (the girls were now 10, 11, 12 and 14). We lived in Augsburg, Germany, on the economy with the Germans. The girls learned to play soccer with the local German girls soccer team. We traveled to Paris (April in Paris for our 15th wedding anniv), Lourdes, London, Berlin, throughout West Germany, Venice, Rome, Assisi and a trip to Greece with 13 Girl Scouts. For security reasons, I could not go but Lorraine went to Prague, Budapest and Warsaw. The trip to Warsaw was with her parents who are Polish (Sosnowski). Oh yes, one trip to London was not planned that way but it was the weekend of Princess Dy's wedding, great fun! In 1981 it was back to reality, back to Army Security Agency HQ and our home in Manassas which we had rented while gone. Again, I continued my annual trips during the years. On one trip to Hawaii, Lorraine went with me. In 1985 the oldest daughter got married and on that same day, I got a promotion to GM-15 in the Pentagon for the Army Corps of Engineers as Automation Advisor for the Assistant Chief of Engineers for the Army. That was OK, but not as exciting as what I was into with Army Security (Signal Intelligence listening posts). With the COE I had some trips to boring places but managed one trip to Germany the year of our 25th wedding anniversary so we took 2 weeks vacation and Lorraine met me there. Also had a trip to Arizona where Lorraine met me and we went to the Grand Canyon in January. Great time of the year to do that. In 1995 the government was in a drawdown of staffing and offered be a bonus and $50,000 a year if I would not come to work (retire). (I may not be too smart in school but I am not dumb). I then went to work ($6.00 hr) for a local nonprofit that ran a homeless shelter, thrift store, food closet, emergency financial assistance and Life skills training. I worked in the emergency assistance office. I had been volunteering for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul since 1981 so this was a natural environment for me to enjoy what I liked to do, helping people. After a year of 40 hours a week I took the opportunity to do it 20 hours a week and in 1999 took myself off the payroll and just do volunteer computer work for them now, searching the Internet for low cost housing and coordinating the Life Skills teachers and classes. My involvement in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul had me President of the Manassas Conference for 6 years and then President of the Society for the Diocese of Arlington Va for 3 years which I am just completing this Sep. I am now getting more involved in the Society in West Virginia. When I retired in 1985 I realized that my mortgage was about paid off, my wife was enjoying being an elementary school teacher and eligible to retire in 4 years and we needed something else to do with money that Uncle Sam would take once the mortgage was paid off. SOOOOOOOO we started to look for some kind of a vacation home that all of our married daughters, their families and we could enjoy. Our search took us to West Va on the same ridge that St. Francis College is on (but 2 hours south). Well, we stumbled upon a 3 bedroom house, fully furnished (China, drapes, pots and pans, beds all made) on the 7 fairway of a golf course, with a goof cart, in a gated resort with an indoor heated Olympic swimming pool, a 60 acre lake for fishing and swimming, tennis courts and a bunny ski slope. It is within a 20 minute drive to one major ski slope and 35 minute drive to another major ski slope. Since Lorraine is a teacher, we live in West Va the two months she is off in the summer and diet on golf (which she beats me at). As most of you know, I never was the athletic type. In the winter we come up here for cross country skiing on the golf course. This coming school year will be Lorraine's last year teaching so we will spend more time in West Va but keep our roots in Virginia. Lorraine will keep in touch with teaching as a substitute and I enjoy my Society of St. Vincent de Paul work along with the computer searches for the nonprofit. And the beat goes on. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. WHAT YA DOIN? Bob Hart 703-361-5115 and 304-789-2238
Hart,   Bobby       My email address now is: hartstv@aol.com That's for Bob Hart.
Bobby Hart

This WEB site is SUPER! I should have some great pictures to add for scouting history of Warwick in the 40s and 50s and I am sure others have some too. I will see if I can scan them in and send them. One page has Catherine Steinhart on it. She was the girlfriend of my brother George Hart who played football for WHS in the 40s of which I have a picture. He may have played on a team with Johnny Winchester. George died three years after graduation on the USS Bennington.

You know, I almost put "Bobby" in my name. And yes, almost said "Eddie". This WEB page you have developed is SUPER! I am sure that page is time consuming but could you get someone from the American Legion to maybe do a page on Warwick's servicemen during the 40's and 50s? I know that my dad gave Pete Sayre a scrapbook on Warwick Valley Country Club. Maybe someone could do a page with pictures of that. I get emotional at times and when I opened the site and saw a picture of Catherine Steinhart - I choked. If you remember, my brother George died in the Navy. At the time, Catherine was just about engaged to him and I have never seen any pictures of her. Does she and Bud have email so I can contact them? I would like to learn more about my brother (he was 10 years older than I so, when I was 8 years, he was 18, a senior at WHS and then went into the Navy, so I never really knew him as a person. Regarding George, are there any high school record books of that era? team pictures? That would be from about 1945 - 1948. This is getting long, I will do a short piece on me in another mail. Glad to hear from you. Bob "Bobby" Hart
Demarest,   Mary and Phil       Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:49:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: mfdpsd@webtv.net (mary demarest)
Click to email Mary and Phil

Hi, we enjoy this site very much!

Phil and Mary Demarest
Heiblim Numark,   Chickie       Date: 13 Jun 2000 From: Carol "Chickie" Heiblim Numark Carol "Chickie" Heiblim Numark

Hi Ed: Peggy Elston Smith recently got in touch with me after many, many years. (We graduated in 1951). She apprised me of the fact that there was a town scrapbook and said you originated it. It's been a delight to peruse it. My problem is that I'm not very computer oriented and don't even know how to get my E-mail listed on it. [We're all in the same boat Chickie] I've never been very good at following directions. [Not my strong point either] . I have a recent picture of me that I took to send to Peg, which I can send you as well as a couple of pictures from the "good old days" when I was a soda jerk in my parents store, which was the hangout for many kids. By the way, there is a picture in the scrapbook of 3 girls pointing to Herbie Penaluna's brother's car. It was Carole Loegler and I, which was stated under the picture, but it was also stated that the identity of the third girl was not known. It was Janet Paffenroth who was a friend of ours. I will then send you what I have and you can decided what to do. By the way, I can't do things like that because I don't have a scanner. (I'm lucky I can get the thing turned on and off without "corrupting" everything, [We all sympathize, believe me.] Hope to hear from you soon.
"Chickie" Heiblim Numark
Seely,   Walt and Mary       Date: 13 Jun 2000 From: Walter Seely Walter Seely

Ed- In the Warwick Masons Pic (Townfolk page)- I am pretty sure the first one on the left (seated) is Calvin Crawford- don't know the one on right. Second row from left is Deb O'Dell- Ernest Wadeson (Ernie's father),Chauncey Conklin, Harry Vail(worked in the dairy for John Deming), Ken Black- the last one ?. Howard Pierson and Ed Strong. On the Odd Fellows building IOOF- that's right( International Order of Odd Fellows). The owner of Clint's Esso station was Clint Doty whose wife Marcella was a teacher in Warwick for many years. Walt Seely Still enjoying the site Ed- it's fabulous!

Ed- Going thru some of your pictures I came upon the one of Chickie Heiblem taken by the tree at the Park Ave. old high school. Cannot remember the owners names but do recall some child being bitten by a big boxer dog which caused a big stink at the time. Also remember being up on the roof with Donn McDonald cutting a hole to ventilate during a fire in the fifties, I believe. Walt

Ed- In the 1955 WHS Hockey all Stars- top right is Nancy Urbin now Aurberger. Walt

Walt has been a wonderful source of historical information re. these pictures. Thanks Walt, everyone appreciates your comments
Gordon,   Barry       Date: 11 Jun 2000 From: Barry Gordon Barbara and Barry Gordon

Hello Ed, When I saw the thumbnail images of the High Street class photos I thought they were the same as mine but wondered why Evelyn would have had them. Upon clicking to enlarge I realized that that they are of the same rooms but different years, which makes sense. I'll send you mine. At our 40th we could name almost everyone but rather than take time to list everyone now let's just get the photos scanned and up and worry about the names as we have time. Once again, please tell me the postal service address. It's: 46 School Ave East Hanover, NJ 07936 I was just telling a friend about walking downtown after school from Hamilton Avenue and stopping at Buttercup Givean's gas station to hear Russ Hodges announce Bobby Thompson's home run, "....the Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant.." and here you have a photo of exactly where I heard that (Clint's Esso). Who was Clint? See Walt Seely's reply 6/13 It's great that you've produced this site. Thanks! Barry

I wrote Barry back:
Hi Barry, I had forgotten that that Esso gas station was owned/operated by "Buttercup." I recall it now after you said it. But was his name Giveans? I remember Ed Giveans, a kind and friendly man who owned the station across from the HS field, near us... but don't remember that Buttercup's last name was Giveans too, It could have been, I just don't know. Anyway thanks for the little historical info, of some note in my opinion. I guess I'm getting old, things like that thrill me. I was at the HS field watching the big kids FB practice when Thompson hit the HR. Mr. Morgan ran out across the field yelling something similar to what Russ Hodges had said, but louder. He had been listening on a car radio parked in front of the school, ... he was more excited than Leo Dorocher I believe. Ed

Barry's reply
Hi Ed, I'm pretty sure both men were named Giveans (if we've got that spelled correctly)[you're right Barry] although I have no idea whether they were related. Ed's original station was the one at the corner of Colonial, Main and Maple and he subsequently built the "new" one across from the football field. (I,too, remember Ed as a kindly person). Clayt Shorter eventually took over the earlier station. I definitely remember quite a bit about the High Street school having gone there 3-1/2 years before it burned. I'll send the photos.
Regards, Barry
Hann Falcone,   Carole       Date: 31 May 2000 From: Carole Hann Falcone Hann Falcone Carole

I was just in Warwick for my nephew's wedding (David Hann,"Alan's son class of 57") and I heard about the scrap book and was successful in getting the address. I enjoyed looking it over and reminiscing the past. We are in Friendswood, TX for the past 22 years. We have just retired, me from State Farm Insurance and Frank from Gulf Coast Waste and Disposal Authority. Our three sons reside near us and we have two granddaughters. I will have to see what photo's I have and will forward. It really is fun to look back. I was past the Bainbridge homestead and the town was cutting down one of the trees in front of the house. As I recall it was not the one that had the basketball hoop but the one in the middle. I recall asking my mother if she knew where Nancy was and as it turns out she has her e-mail address here, I look forward to visiting this site often and would love to add my e-mail address: Carole (Hann) Falcone
Atton Humphrey,   Doris       From: Doris Atton Humphrey Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 Click to email Doris Atton Humphrey

    This is Doris ATTON Humphrey, graduate of the new High School in 1959. I'm in Mississippi now, retired from the U.S. Customs Service and busy as ever. Please add my picture and e-mail address to the roster.
    Attached are 3 photos for the class scrapbook page from the 1959 class

    Photo 1 is a photo of David Morgan in 1959
    Photo 2 is a photo of David Morgan and Doris Atton circa 1959     Photo 3 is Brad Piggery, Rich Brady, Bob Houtaling, Mel
    Langlitz, Dave Demarest, and Don Bainbridge

    This is a great website!!!
follow up letter from Doris Hi Ed: Well, you know David Morgan and I were buds. Those pictures were taken in Bellvale in the basement of the Bellvale Inn (Echo Pond Inn??) I think it was called. You know Mary Healey and I went to Kansas City after our 59 graduation and then to DC and then she went home and married Gerry and I went on my wild way. FINALLY got married at 41 in Gulfport, MS to a Seabee in the Navy. In between I had lots of political jobs in DC/Miami/. Just was lucky. Worked for Senator Smathers in Miami and Howard Hughes' attorney in DC and followed a great lover from Miami to Miss. and worked for a GREAT SUPER Criminal Attorney in Gulfport. Itz by Biloxi. Then worked on the base as a paralegal in the JAG office where I met Jim. I NEVER wanted kids EVER. He has 2 from a previous marriage. The we retired and went back to Ft. Lauderdale for 15 years (Now I Learn I was like 10 miles from Francis and Floyd Skutnick). Two years ago I asked Jim to get me back to MS but he got me back to the WRONG MS as this is definitely NOT the Coast - this is like the Bible Belt. Phew, these people are serious. Oh yeah and then 3 years ago I retired from the Federal Govt as an Investigator with the US Customs Service. And I am as busy as I ever was. Seems like the whole world comes thru MS. Anyway, Teri Pinkel tells me I did go to the 10 year reunion and I briefly remember it but must have not registered or it was too many years ago. We had a reunion last year but did not have enough notice for me to cancel my timeshare week on the Coast so missed it but did get in touch with all my classmates and write to a few of them and also got to meet with Liz Calderon and Teri in Boca Raton this winter. Liz was a nurse up until about 4 years ago and took the Bar exam and she is an attorney in DC now. I sent her the info that I had on the website so she will be getting in touch I am sure but she is CALDERON LAW FIRM and her email is :eliz@calderonlaw.com and she has a web: www.calderonlaw.com. Teri is in Jacksonville, FL with her son and selling real estate. I knew about Dave. It really broke my heart. He sure was my buddy in school. My brother is married and STILL living in the Bronx. Bob Atton. I think he was ahead of you tho. So, that is my life in a capsule. Never never boring. We love the website and some nite when I can't sleep I'll get on it and go through it all. Are you still in Warwick? It is such a beautiful place and really has preserved itself well. I was up 3 years ago for Mom's funeral in May. I tell them all now I have no reason to go North of the Mason-Dixon line again. I have lived in the South now for 40 years and love it, Keep in touch. Doris
O'Brien,   Ed       Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:16:16 EDT From: Dinjan2@aol.com
Click to email Ed O'Brien
You have a wonderful page. I am Mike Obrien's (Wall of Fame creator) father and I remember many of the sights on your pages. We had a summer home in Highland Lakes for 30 years and spent many a day in Warwick. We were able to get to the drive in movie many times when the children were young. Thanks for the memories.
Ed Obrien
Crigar,   William       Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 15:54:52 EDT From: Wcrigar@aol.com
Click to email Bill Crigar

Dear Ed Have really enjoyed looking at the scrapbook and all the fond memories that they bring, even though many or most of you are much younger than I. In any event would appreciate your listing my address for anyone who might wish to contact me. I think I just spent an hour on the telephone with Shirley O'Brien Leinweber after a 55 year lack of contact, thanks to your web site. My address is wcrigar.aol.com. Incidentally, you used to live just around the corner and your Dad and mine worked for the L&H during the same time period. I retired a couple of years ago, live in Florida just outside Orlando and recall Warwick as a wonderful place to grow up in the 30s and 40s. I hope that folks who live there today feel the same way about it. Thanks and keep up the good wqrk with the web site. Sincerely, Bill Crigar
Faulls,   Doty       From:Doty Faulls Date:22 Apr 2000 Click to email Doty Faulls

Heard about the Scrapbook from Walt Seely and thought that I would like to view it. I did so and found it very interesting. I would like to add my name and E-mail address. Doty Faulls - E-mail address is Doty@warwick.net. Don't have any photos to contribute at this time but sure did enjoy seeing the ones displayed. Good job
Taylor Kapfer,   Sally       From: "Bill Kapfer - Sally Taylor Kapfer's husband" Date: 21 Apr 2000 Click to email Sally Taylor Kapfer

Hi Ed. Here are some of Sally's pics. The pic with Sally in the middle is her Dad on the Left (Larry Taylor) and her Grandfather (Charlie Taylor). Sally and guy is Eddie Carr. Of course Sally in her gown for Graduation. Larry's Food Store from two different ways. Will try to send you some more soon. But I will be away for most of the month coming and she doesn't touch the puter. As you already know she is Sally Taylor Kapfer and lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is retired from being a hair dresser. Our email addy for those who might want to post is :::::swaby@azstarnet.com::::::: Just for you info that pic of myself is from the movie " Unlikely Angel " which I was lucky enough to work on my Bday. That is why Dolly (Click for Bill & Dolly) gave me the pic autographed. Never get pics on the set. Its a big no no and unheard of. Hope you are well. Bill
Leinweber,   Leon & Shirley       From: Shirley O'Brien Leinweber (Leon's wife) Date: 20 Apr 2000 Click to email Shirley and Leon

Littell Stewart,   Mille       Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:27:04 -0400 From: Millie
Millie Littell Stewart

Hi Ed, Just want to let you know that I have been enjoying your web page!!! I hope to be able to find some photos to add to your collection. Certainly remember going to football and basketball games with the Bainbridges to watch you and your brother in action. Have fond memories of your Mom inviting my youngest, Lori, into her home and making pie crust for Lori to experiment with, rolling with a rolling pin. After graduating from Cortland, I came back to my own high school and taught phys. ed. for a couple of years. Remember well working with Betty Lou Gray and Tavy Biafora among others with a tumbling team many years before gymnastics became popular. Keep up the good work--Millie Littell Stewart
Gordon,   Barbara and Barry       Date: 8 Apr 2000 From: Barbara and Barry Gordon Click to email Barry Gordon
Hello Ed, As best I can remember the last time I saw you was in the original Hess's department store in downtown Allentown at Christmas 1966 or'67! Barbara, my wife of 33 years (brave woman!), grew up in nearby Emmaus and we ran into you while shopping in that grand old store. We have lived in the Syracuse area more or less continuously since 1969 and Barb is an enthusiastic, dedicated and effective French teacher at Liverpool High School. The work I've done since 1977 is a bit difficult to explain in writing and it can be best understood by looking at www.barrygordon.com Now, if you've taken a look at my site you can understand why I choose to audit a different course each semester (usually in wood science) at SUNY- College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. I'm amazed at how much of the math, chemistry and physics taught to us by George Feldner and Phil Chase has stayed with me and provides good background for the courses I'm taking now. They must have really known what they were doing to have taught in a way that has enabled the knowledge to remain accessible after 40 years! George and Phil particularly come to mind in this context but we certainly had many other fine teachers. I believe that we received an excellent education at WVHS (although we probably wouldn't have admitted it at the time!). It's really great that you've undertaken the Scrapbook project and I'm sure that I am among many who are appreciative of your fine efforts. Can there be a page of e-mail addresses? I find that I'm much more likely to communicate this way than by phone or written mail and I suspect that's true for others as well. I have, with the exception of one year, all of the "official" portraits from my classes, first through seventh grades. These were taken at High Street, Hamilton Avenue and the old High School. At our 40th reunion last fall we collectively could name almost everyone in all those photos. If you think they'd be appropriate for the scrapbook I can submit them and I may be able to have them sent already scanned. There are many more reminiscences to be recalled and images to be shared but other tasks are calling. Thanks again for what you've undertaken and please continue. Best regards, Barry Gordon
Rutan Nielsen,   Evelyn       From Evelyn Rutan, 23 Mar 2000
Click to email Evelyn
Hi Ed:
Don't know if you remember me. I was Evelyn Rutan ("...of course I remembered") then Scheuermann and now Nielsen. Peggy Gray Falahee told me about this. Gale Corwin Toffel and Jane Smith Miller are down here for the winter and are coming here for dinner on Sunday along with Peggy and her husband.
... Continued
Hi: I'll see if I can find any old pictures, always hated having my picture taken. Naomi Stiles, Liz & John Akin are also in this area. It's always fun talking old times, of course the spouses usually are bored. Evelyn
... Continued
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 06:19:16 EDT We had a great time reminiscing and a lot of laughs. Gale was leaving the next week to go back home and she said she would look for some pictures. I have some from grade school. 3rd, 4th & 5th High Street School if you want them I'll send them. We took some when everyone visited also. I heard from Nancy, it was good to talk about old times. I think it would be nice if we could contact others thru e-mail, would it be possible to ask for e-mail address be put on this site? Have to get ready for work. Have a great day! By the way, how many children do you have? Any grandchildren? I have one son and 2 beautiful grandsons.
Elston Smith,   Peggy       From Peggy Elston Smith
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 Click to email Peggy Elston Smith
Dear Eddie,
    I am sooo thrilled with this site and so are a lot of our classmates from 1951. You have done a tremendous job and we all are having so much fun with it.
    Spoke to Michele Carter tonite and she is going to get me your mailing address [it's ... 46 School Ave. East Hanover, NJ 07936] as I have all my Dad's black and white photos of what down town Warwick did look like. I and my sister Marion feel that we should send them on to you and you can see if you can use any of them. The classes of 1950, 1951 and 1952 are planning a reunion hopefully this October and if we take pictures we can forward them on to you. Let me know if you want Dad's pictures???
    My E-Mail is Gorham6@ptd.com. Thanks for my picture and the little note on it … " did Godie paint it." I guess you know I married him. We are doing fine. Can't wait to hear where you are located.
    Thank you for all of us,
Peg Smith
Gordon,   Gil       From Gil Gordon
Click to email Gil
Hi Ed:
I think my brother Barry has been in touch with you; I know that he has seen your site, which is terrific. Though I'm younger than you guys (just turned 51) I do remember a lot from your high school years - and I can picture your parents across the street as if it were yesterday. One of my distinct memories is the old truck (an old Ford?) that you and Don had for a landscaping business or something like that - Bain and Rise? It's great that you have put this site together - nice job! I especially liked the enumeration of the homes from ours down to the park. I always wondered what happened to Guy Emerich; wasn't he in your class? Regards, Gil Gordon
Demarest-Yeager,   Suzie       From Suzie Demarest Yeager
Click to email Suzie Demarest Yeager
Subject: Warwick Fifties photos
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 I probably have some pictures you could use. I will look through my supply. Where should I send them? ...
... 2nd note/reply From Suzie Demarest Yeager
Yes, the wedding picture was taken on the front steps of the McCormick house. I'll keep looking for one of the farm. I spoke to Phil last night and he isn't sure that he has any either.
I'll look through my "60's" photos. I also have some of a Tom Thumb wedding when I was about 4 or 5. Dave is in the photo with me, and I think I have 1 of Guy Emerich & me. I'll see what else I can find. Glad you liked the ones I sent.
Gray Falahee,   Peggy       Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 19:37:34 -0800 From: "Peggy Falahee"
Peggy Gray Falahee

Ed, I very much enjoyed looking at all of the old pictures etc. Nice job! Does it seem possible that it was so many years ago? Although my husband and I lived in Warwick for 30 years (we just moved in February of 1999), we now live in Hobe Sound, Florida. I would like to have the picture in the item for where are they now. The information for under the picture is: Peggy (Gray) Falahee falahee@bellsouth.net
Chase,   Phil       From Phil Chase
Click to email Phil Chase
Subject: 'way back
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 From: chase_phil@webtv.net (Phil Chase)
Hi Ed, I've been in touch with Barry Gordon for the last few years and he was nice enough to send me the web page of Warwick. What a great idea! ...
Also I see Vito now & then , as well as Charlie Carter, the man of many funny stories. Ran into Frank Fotino at Hickory Hills golf course. I got hold of Don Bainbridge to play in the NYS Seniors about 3 years ago- he won the Empire Games about 4 years ago. So I have played a couple of practice rounds with him at the states. Merle is busy as a volunteer - Mon & Wed she works with handicapped kids riding horses Tues baby sits for son # 2 (a state champ in golf) Buzzy & Thurs works at the local hospital . ...
I coached 34 years all sports , golf the last 20 & raised my boys to be golfers. ...
I'm involved in the Upper Delaware Council (we run the Scenic - Recreation River from Port Jervis to Hancock - 75 miles), the Hudson River Golf Assoc & still a member of the PJ CC. Now and then do some fishing & hunting. I play too much golf, but still have time to make my own beer & wine. It would be nice to tee it up some time I bet we could have some fun with Vito & Frank at Hickory. Regards, Phil
Feldner,   George       From George Feldner
Click to email George Feldner
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
From: The Feldners
Bad pennies always come back , and so do ex-students. But that is one of the rewardsof teaching and the chest swells a bit to know that you are still remembered-but I won't pass on any of the stories about you. ...
When I get a chance I'll see if I can locate a picture, although you might have better results with the kids-And thanks for the comment on my piece that Marty has on his web-site ( L&HR Scrapbook). Time to put on the chef's hat and what food I can ruin tonught. My regards to John. I can still recall his acting in the night of January 16th (or was 26th). Will try to keep in touch.Regards and lots of good memories. George.
Anyone who wishes to donate or loan historic pictures of Warwick (which can be scanned and returned) please contact the Warwick TownScrapbook Page.
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