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That's Warwick's own, William Bill "Clutch" Patterson scoring on a driving twisting lay-up.
    After I heard from Bill recently I got to wondering about his nickname, "Clutch". I was sure that it originated from the many and varied "Clutch" baskets scored during his playing days. For example:

It seems that was not the case, as Bill tells the story:
    The rest of the story about the "Clutch" name. It happened at the Beach Mt. boy scout camp. We were in a Volley Ball game. I kept slipping on the wet grass. Larry Parkin who was playing said to me "the clutch is slipping". That's the rest of the story. The truth is finally out.

    Oh well, not quite as heroic, but now I would like to hear Larry's version. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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