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by   W.   Seely
- "It sure is Robert F. Toms..."

by   Garrett   Durland
- "Thanks to Sue Gardner's letter ..."

The Warwick First National Bank staff, Christmas, circa 1950. Robert Toms provided this photo and I can identify him in the front, far right. I also see Jim Demarest, front center, and perhaps that's Helen Perry (no that's not Helen - she was the Savings Bank, I now remember, I see it's Gladys Durland as Peggy says). Roy Elston maybe far left. I'm unsure. Need help here.

Peggy Elston Smith has updated some names. She writes:
As for the Warwick National Bank picture L. to R. Roy Elston, Helen Houston, Herb Roe, Gladys Durland, Grace Bristow, Jim Demerest, Marge Simpson Mann, Florence Relyea, Ada Barrett & ??? You think it is Bob Toms? Could be.

Great job Peg.
I do think it is Robert Toms, because, well, it must be, he gave me the picture. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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