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Bob Winchester had just moved to Warwick in 1944 when this picture was taken. As a four year old, I was unaware that my dad taught Sunday School. Nevertheless, there he is and I must say that, as usual, I am proud of him for doing so.
    I'm afraid that I can't name many of the boys here, but I'll try .
    .. Well I did try, but fortunately Walt Seely and Alvie Norton Leepercame to the rescue before I mislabeled all. Responding to my call for aid Walt wrote: Think I've got em all Ed: 1st row Larry Parkin, VanDuzer boy- later he pegged him as Louis - with an assist from Tommy Lawrence -, Sonny Littel, Ken Durland, Donald Kimble, and Jim Clark. 2nd row Your dad, Lee Chamberlain, Lou Myers, Art Richards,Norton Leeper, and Bob VanRiper. How's that for an old cuss?I had inquired about his age and he volunteered, "I'll be 73 next stop" Now the world knows.
    Norton was equally hepful and accurate as well and reminded me that I knew his brother Emmett who he says "now lives in Texas."

    With only two in dispute I am posting Walt's names. . Until further notice. Thanks guys. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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