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Rev. John Lennon's Sunday School class at the Warwick Methodist Church, 1948.
    I'll try to name the boys here, apologizing for any misnomers.
    I anyone can help with the unnamed please contact me.

    Here are the ones I can't identify: the young boy standing apart on the far left, the familiar looking tall fellow behind John Lennon and the small face peeking between Rev. Lennon and Jay Ryerson. As for the others L. to R. Charlie Ullery, Johnny Winchester, Johnny Swartz, Ricky Carter, Rev Lennon, Jay Ryerson, Monty Beers, Charlie House, Andy Meyers.
    John Lennon and wife Gertrude moved from Warwick to Duluth Minn a few years after this picture - the early fifties I believe. I think there was one minister between Lennon and Stan Jones who arrived with Arlene (my contemporary) and family of six in the mid fifties.

    Oops, .. I see another head just to the right of Charlie House, but can't see the face. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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