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Charlie Mondello's shoe repair store at the end of Van Buren Street, 1957.

This from Marty Feldner: Charlie Mondello's shoe shop, and Kinney's Market.
22 years ago, my wife and I bought Charlie Mondello's house (next to the tracks, natch!). The shoe repair shop was part of the property. About two years back, we had the exterior painted. Somewhat reluctantly- "Shoe Repair" was still visible painted on the right side wall, facing Factory Street.
Kinney's Market was across the street. Sometime in the mid seventies, Charlie Mondello bought the building, and ran the market with his wife for a few years before opening his Deli on Main Street (now Russell's Deli). Kinney's is now apartments. ... from Roy Elston's Storefront Gallery

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Orange, NY in the 40s and 50s

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