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I guess there were prettier girls somewhere in the world, I just don't know where. This was the 1957 Miss Warwick Beauty Pagent and how they ever picked a winner I can't imagine.

    First row L. to R.: Evie Jaroz, Alyce Frey, Betty Stark, Myra McClure, Florine Skutnik, I know the face ..Sandra Logan, I believe, Shirley Card
Second row L. to R.: Paulette Emerich, Liz Gerlitz, Sally Taylor, Marilyn Miller, Mary Helt, Carol Zjawin,
Third row - Sheila Conway (the eventual winner), Elizabeth Calderon, Barbara Heil, Joan Mann, Allegra Kleveno
Fourth row - Esther Fullington, Christine Kujawski, Christine Andryshak, Rita Gailie, Martha Niski

The winners
... from Dispatch photo

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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