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by   Chris   Austin
- "I was up in Warwick this ..."

The Methodist Parsonage on Wheeler Avenue. The home of many cleric families. In my time alone there were probably no fewer that six different families that lived here. I can name some perhaps: John Lennon, Joe Rainer, Rev Rollins??, and Stan Jones.
    Looking closely you can spot Frank Houghtaling's (sp??) shop which was next door behind his home.
    Incidently the inscription beneath this picture was written by my Grandmother Ida Guest who lived with us on Cottage Street in the early 1940s. Ida was in her late eighties when she lived in Warwick and she loved the Lennons, the church and likely the parsonage too ... And most of all her grandchildren. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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