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by   karen   halstead
- "it's me 2nd row 3 rd from the"

by   JoAnn   Simon
- "mrs. Winifred Plossl was my ma"

by   Terry Pinkel   McVeigh
- "Russ Pinkel and Bonnie Pinkel,"

This unique photo was sent in by Terry Hann. He writes:

The old New Milford schoolhouse was completed in 1872 with two rooms for instruction. The building burned in 1921 and was rebuilt. It was reopened in 1923. I am not sure of the date it closed. In 1977, it was sold to Frank Myers, who converted it into a residence. It is still there on Covered Bridge Road in New Milford.

New Milford School, Grades 1-4, 1952-53

Read from left to right.
Bottom Row: Jack Bray, Jill Bray, Judy Holt, Billy Walsh, Patsy Richardson, Rusty Pinkel, Peter Winslow, Brenda Barry
. Middle Row: Michael Barry, Patrick Smith, Karen Travis, Terry Hann, Linn Storms, Bonnie Pinkel.
Top Row: George Green, Jerry Kerchoff, Phil Walsh, George Scheuerman, Gail Walsh, Patty Rielly.

Teacher: Mrs. Winifred Plossl

From: Terry Hann []
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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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