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by   Nancy   Langlitz Stanfield
- "I also remember your parent's ..."

by   chickie (carol)   numark (heiblim)
- "It's been a long time since ..."

Harry and Minna Heiblim behind the counter. Chickie writes:
That's mom and dad behind the soda fountain. Note the price of the Boller soda. (20 cents) And the bananna split (65 cents). .. And I remember the bubble gum deliveries and the popcorn machine that we kept popping until right before the movies started and everyone left to go up the street to the Oakland Theater.
See Terry Hann's Warwick Historical Structures site for articles about the opening and closing of the Oakland Theatre - plus much more.
[The best was] our jukebox because whenever the man came to change the records, he gave me the ones he took out. I also remember Babe Ruth stopping in the store and giving me his autograph - also Sugar Ray Robinson.
    I wonder what happened to all of those people who "soda jerked" with me - Bob Kurtz, Ann Bryant and Jimmy Clark and any others. ... from Chickie

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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