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by   Richard   paffenroth
- "I think the car was a 1941 ..."

This picture of Milt Paffenroth was submitted by Chickie Heiblim. She writes: I remember Milt well, I adored him, he was such a good guy. I'm enclosing a picture of him in his blue Mercury (probably vintage 1946) taken at the high school. The inscription on the back appears below:

Isn't this a classic 40s-50s shot though. Not only the car, but mostly Milt as he is seen behind the wheel, the 40s-50s kid, and the pose that he strikes leaning his arm out with his hand gently patting his "baby," that vintage '46 Merc. And Milt always did have the best pompadour. ... from Chickie Heiblim

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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