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Dear Mike was a sweet happy boy that everyone loved. He died at age 13 while being operated on to correct malformed bone structure in his hands. I remember clearly the morning that our teacher Mr. McCreary made the shocking announcement in class.
    His handicap never slowed him down however. Mike was an avid sports enthusiast and, along with Brad Piggery, he was the town's leading Dodger fan.
    I recall that I once loaned Mike my 7th grade Social Studies notebook. I was a Cardinal fan and had written the names of Cardinal players on the notebook cover. Mike returned it to me with a new cover - all Dodger names.
    I'm so glad that this photo, taken on the Hamilton Avenue school grounds, survived the years. But just barely, I might add. If you'll notice, the upper right corner is chewed off. Yes, chewed is right. My dog did it. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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