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by   J.Richard(Dick)   Gove
- "the man standing between ..."

Warwick Masons, 1942. Those that Robert Tomms and Isabelle Graham were able to name were: First row seated: both question marks, The two standing in the first row, also question marks. Second row: ???, Cauncy Conklin, Clifford Haight, ??? Ed Strong, rear row: ?? Wadeson, John Demming NO it's Harry Vail, see below, Ken Black, ???, Howard Pierson.

SOME CORRECTIONS - from Walt Seely In the Warwick Masons Pic- I am pretty sure the first one on the left (seated) is Calvin Crawford- don't know the one on right. Second row from left is Deb O'Dell- Ernest Wadeson (Ernie's father),Chauncey Conklin, Harry Vail(worked in the dairy for John Deming), Ken Black- the last one ?. Howard Pierson and Ed Strong.

The back of the picture is inscribed:
Taken Sept. 22 - 1942
Calvin age 76 June 28

Any help with the other names is appreciated. Good job Walt. ... from Robert Tomms

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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