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by   Walt   Seely
- "Yes Ed- Her name was Mary ..."

by   Glenn   Doty
- "It's been a long time but ..."

by   Bob   Hart
- "How about Mary Demerest?..."

by   Doty   Faulls
- "I'm sure she was married ..."

Sue Heiblim told me that this Warwick woman, pictured here at Greenwood Lake's Windemere Beach often played the piano at the Oakland Theatre. I don't remember a piano at the Oakland, but it sounds plausible.

See Terry Hann's Warwick Historical Structures site for articles about the opening and closing of the Oakland Theatre - plus much more.
Regardless there are other facts that might help identify the woman: She was married to a man that worked in the post office. His name was Leo.
From an old Dispatch photo I see that she was the Organist at the Warwick Catholic Church.
Sue also tells me that she and husband Leo lived for some time in the Dispatch building.
Do you know her? ... from Sue Heiblim

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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