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What a picture!

Marty Feldner (See his L&H History website) might be better at describing the railroad buff details of this photo of a majestic L&H RR locomotive rolling through New Milford in July of 1946. Shirley O'Brien Leinweber submitted this wonderful picture and informs me that the engineer was her father, Edward F. O'Brien, 7 Belmar Ct., Warwick.

Someone tell me about the New Milford spot, .. I can't identify it, though it does have a familiar look to it.

Don't know about you but my impression is that this photo is award winning quality.

Look closely below, that's Ed O'Brien in the cab window.

    Received a reply from Marty Feldner re. this L&H RR photo:
Thanks much for the shot of L&HR 10 class (I think it's #11). And thanks for the extra link to L&H History
    It is, indeed, a great shot! At first glance my impression was also New Milford, but it's a little further up the line- Burnside, to be exact (a couple of miles south of Maybrook). The L&HR crossed the NYO&W here; the O&W tower controlling the junction can be seen in the background to the left of the train.
    And if I had to guess, I'd say the shot was taken by Bob Collins, a well-known railfan photographer who was doing a lot of shooting along the L&HR (and most other area railroads) during that time frame. If it is a Collins shot (I have inquries out), there's a good chance he gave the print to Ed O'Brien. Bob worked for the Erie; being a railroader himself, he was good to the people in his shots.
... from Shirley O'Brien Leinweber

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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