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by   Betty Lou   Gray-Smith
- "Hi Ed, I believe these are ..."

by   Liz   fEAGLES bROWN
- "1st row. last on right, Lorraine ..."

Must say that Oly Haynes derserves much credit, as our only male media voice for the WHS Survey in '51-'52. Looks to be quite an able staff to me.

Front Row L. to R. ???, Florine Skutnik, Mrs. Deming, Betty Lou Gray, ???, ???, ???
Second Row Toni Manno, Dale Felker, Grace Buckbee, Ethel Ferdon, Delores Dowd, Betty Ott, Doris Horton, Pat Marsh, ???
Back Row Oly Haynes, Barbara Wilcox, Barbara Houghtaling, Kitten Buss

Sorry I missed some names, and honestly I am a bit uncertain about a few guesses. Any corrections are appreciated.

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Warwick, NY in the 40s and 50s

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