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I'll try to name everyone here on this 1950 WHS team. Please help with the omissions or if you notice any mistakes. L. to R. First row: Ed Pietrzak, Albie Conklin, Dick VanDuzer, Ralph Gurda, Ralph Clark, Ed Filipowski, Joe Rudinski, Matty Rick. Second Row: Jim Schmick, Bill Lewis, Ray Krajewski, Charlie Hasbrouck, Jack Kazmar, Charlie Carter, Al Vanderhoff, Benny Bierstein. Third Row: __?__ , __?__, __?__, Steve Kazmar, Herbie Watch. Top Row: Irv Wagman, __?__, Mike McGuire, Coach Hank Lamoreaux, Joe Kucza, Fred Kobylaski, Ron Weidner and John Deming.
I missed a couple here but am amazed that I remembered all that I did. The reason is that I grew up watching and these guys at just about every after school practice - all sports in fact.
    My crowd, Leo Carter, Ash Morgan, John Steinhardt, Jerry Frieseinger, and George Zimmer etc. played our little pick-up games on the sidelines as the these very big, strong men grunted and groaned their way through another of Mr. Lamoreaux's practices. It was often well into the late dusk of those autumn afternoons when he finally shouted, "Lets go in!". Those were his exact words and I can hear them yet today. Then they would be off for a single lap around the track before going into the locker room.
    Now it was only us children left, with a few straggling parents, Mr. Carter always among them, each now slowly ambling our own way toward home and a waiting dinner. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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