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by   Walt   Seely
- "2nd row missed Joan Schnicter, ..."

by   chuck   feldner
- "in reference to the picture ..."

Looking at these faces now, I can only think how we liked them all. Not a one fits the mold of stereotypical "mean teacher." Certainly a much revered group by all of us kids.

I can't remember all of the first names, not that we ever spoke them, but I'll name those I can. Checking the 1956 Yearbook, I see that first names were not included. Please weigh in with any help.

In the first row L. to R. The three principals: Richard Graeber, Roy Epting, and Bob Mosher.

Second Row Gordon Baker, ???, ???, Mrs. Haynes, ???, George Feldner

Third Row Mrs. Lawrence/Kroon, Mrs. Vail, Vita Deming, Mrs. Sims, Miss Munoz, Betty Hayes

Fourth Row Ash Morgan, Mr. McCreary don't know how he got the nickname Tex), Hollis DeSo, Hank Lamoreaux, Tony Rodiquenzi, Frank Ullery.

Those I missed, of course, all have familiar faces ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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