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From Ken Durland -

Since I graduated a few years ahead of these guys (10!!), I became the official photographer. As such, have enclosed a picture of the group, as well as one I took of Vito and MaryLou Magdelinskas, since they were invited as guests of honor by the Class.

Actually had two days of fun, starting on Friday, July 7th with a dinner at Hickory Hill Golf Club (a few of us tried out the course in the AM); and then a great picnic hosted by Gerry Freisinger at his home on Iron Forge Rd. on Saturday. Reunion well attended, and they used up both days comparing stories -- looking at pictures of people who weren't able to make it; as well as Class Books -- with a lot of really funny comments and rememberances of the good old days.

Don't know if you can use them, but will give you names to go with the group picture and leave up to you what is included in the Scrap Book.

SEATED, left to right: Doty (Roy) Faulls; Carole White Askham; Catherine Buss Florell; Eleanore Bogdanski Auberger; Joan Kunert Lane; Carole Langlitz Paffenroth.,

NEXT ROW: Estella Masker Youngman; Jack Appelbaum; Victoria Bigert; Mary Vigeant Orlando; Theresa Papaceno Ibbetson; Sue Cohen Laberge; Edna Ott Vigeant; Margaret Doty Romano; Ellen Graeber Toffel

BACK AREA: Vito Magdelinskas; Paul Kucza; Wayne Vaughn; Ruth Feagles Durland; Keith Wilcox (behind Ruth); Walter Nicoll; Kay Waughn; Ken Henderson (behind Kay); Marlene Wanamaker Decker; Edward Gerczak (in front of Marlene); Demorest Knapp (behind Ed); Gerard Freisinger; Alfred Booth (top of his head); Fred Carr (next to Gerry); and Laurence Mabee (top of his head!!)

A great time was had by all, and the only question was WHEN are we having another -- not "if". Have about 33 pictures of the dinner and 33 of the picnic, so if you want any more, just let me know!! Thanks --

Ken Durland (Class of '46) ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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