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by   Sally   Taylor Kapfer
- "That is Betty Lou. She had ..."

This sweet photo was submitted by Carole Hann Falcone. It looks to be taken sometime in the early 1950s, judging by the faces of Carole and Nancy Langlitz.
On the far left is, I believe, Betty Lou Sutton and Ellen Graeber.

Others that I can recognize are Carol Terhune, Wilma Elwood, Alyce Frey (partially hidden behind Sue), and Sue Heiblim. Also I think that is Mary Manno in the white blouse, to the right of Carole Hann.
But is that really Betty Lou, so much taller than her contemporaries? It sure looks like her. ... from Carole Hann Falcone

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Warwick, NY in the 40s and 50s

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