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by   Josie   Fiorito
- " Where is the photo?..."

by   Walt   Seely
- "The faculty advisors name ..."

by   glenn   doty
- "Row two of the girls' group ..."


by   Betty Lou   Smith
- "The girl in the last row ..."

by   Betty Lou   Smith
- "Just noticed you needed names ..."

by   Liz   Feagles Brown
- "Faculty advisor was either ..."

by   Tessie   Lesando
- "behind tavi - Georgia Ryerson"

This was the "Girls Leaders Club", the 1951-52 version. There was also a "Boys Leaders Club." Both were sports related I would guess by the various equipment displayed here.
I do know every face, but some names now escape me. The faculty advisor, the young woman in teacher clothes at the left. Can't remember her name.

Otherwise L. to R. Row 1 Barbara Logan, Pat Marsh, Jane Wood, Tessie Lesando, Shirley Sinsabaugh, ???, Tavy Beafore
Row 2 ???, Ethel Ferdon, Delores Dowd, Elizabeth Ott, Toni Manno, ???, ???
Row 3 ???, Bobbi Wilcox, ???, Liz Feagles, Betty Lou Gray, ???

Please help with the names ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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