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Photo submitted by Terry Hann

Hamilton Avenue School, Grade 5B, 1954-55, Mrs. Aurilla W. Baum
Please read from front to back. First Row (Front):
Patrick Smith, Charlotte Ashley, John Porvaznik, Craig Miller
Second Row: Brenda Barry, Michael Barry, Terry Hann, Robert DeLade, Robert Graeber
Third Row: Shari Cohen, George Scheuerman, Jean (?), Dorothy Stankiewicz
Fourth Row: Bridgette Albright, Natalie Houghtaling, Rosalie Bawn
Standing: Cheryl Miller, unknown, Beatrice Holt, Mrs. Aurilla W. Baum, John Baird, Mike Demarmels, Philip Simms, unknown, Tom Quakenbush

Note: The names of the students come from Michael Barry, Brenda (Barry) Schadt, and Terry Hann. Please forgive any omissions or mistakes. ... from Terry Hann

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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