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Got a nice note from Gloria VanDerhoof, fixing some of my mistaken identities .. She writes as follows re. the 1955 girls field hockey team in the front row, my name is Gloria VanDerhoof (spelling) (I had Vanderhoff) and the girl next to me is Marie Beyers. Nancy Urbin is the girl at the end of the second row and the girl next to her is Judy Luft. .

I made the corrections, Thanks Gloria.

1955 WHS Field Hockey All-Stars.

First Row sitting: L. to R. Barbara Houghtaling, Joyce Paffenroth, Mary Manno, Joan Kunert, Gale Corwin, Eleanor Bogdanski, Ellen Graeber, Patty Morgan, Wilma Vance, Ruthie Feagles, Gloria VanDerhoof, Marie Beyers

Standing L. to R. Susie Faulls, Betty Stark, Laura Daniels, Nancy Langlitz, Gloria Sisco, Sandra Logan, Iva Carr, Betty Cooper, Joan Cole, Edna Ott, Jane Smith, Shirley Banker, Eleanor Predmore, Joan Bogdanski, Judy Luft, Nancy Urbin.

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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