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by   Walt   Seely
- "Next after Hemper Scher. ..."

This classic photo of the Warwick Mustangs was submitted by Fred Giveans, now a resident of Littleton, Colorado (since 1966, see Letters). His father, the beloved "Buttercup" Giveans, was the Mustang team manager.
I don’t' know the exact year of this photo, my guess would be the late 1940s.

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I'll need help with the names here. Those I can recall are ..
Row 1 L. to R.Toby Tomer, Leon Scheurmann, Bill Wheeler, Sonny Ferdon, Ed Ernhout, Tom Cochran, Hemp Schermann, Harvey Scheurmann, Larry Parkin, and MGR. "Buttercup" Giveans
Row 2 L. to R. Tom Kamarad, Ralph Smith, Gorham "Gody" Smith, Leo McGovern, Lou Meyers, Jack Wilcox,, Clint Quackenbush and Donnie Masker.
Thanks for the names, Fred.

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... from Fred Giveans

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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