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by   W   Seely
- "Front left- Emmett Tomer, ..."

These classic photos of the Warwick Mustangs were submitted by Fred Giveans, now a resident of Littleton, Colorado (since 1966, see Letters). His father, the beloved "Buttercup" Giveans, was the Mustang team manager.

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I will try to name the team members pictured here but will no doubt fail at some names. Of course all of the faces of these men, my boyhood heros, are familiar.
Pictured here L. to R. (Front Row, kneeling) I know this face so well, The man with the "W" on his hat, and a fixture at all Warwick sporting events is Toby Tomer, Ed Giveans also kneeling, on the right
L. to R. (Row 2) Herman Scheurmann, Ed Ernhout, Walt Odell, ???, ???, Donnie Demouth, Tom Cochran
L. to R. (Last Row) Clint Quackenbush (shaded), is that Gody Smith., Jack Kroh The Bambino , ???, ???, Bob Weidner(1B), Larry Parkin (Catcher)
I would like any and all help with names, spelling and position played. ... from Fred Giveans

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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