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by   Robert   Demetry
- "The Lesando family asked ..."

by   Eddie   Winchester
- "Robert, I'd be happy to ..."

The rugged 1940 WHS team. Submitted by Shirley and Leon Leinweber, Leon is pictured in the first row, second from left - #12.

Team members front row L. to R.: Mike Rutan, Leon Leinweber, James Dilliston, Babe Conkiln, Tom Cochran, Henry Sudman, Doug Stage, Bill Gross, Clint Hann, Dick Lehman

Second row: James Bonnyman-Mgr., Lewis Leinweber, Ed Ernhout, Clarence Perry, Ed Cahill, __ Quackenbush, __?__, William Buckbee, Tom Fitzsimmons, James Reiner, John Wilkins, Harold Hall - Coach

Top row: Houstan Rutan, __?__, Larry Sprague, Bill Henderson, Fred Roll, Nick Lesando, Tom Flood, Jim VanDuzer, David Horton, Herbert Daubert, Glen Albro, Mario Massimino

... from Shirley O'Brien Leinweber

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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