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The 1935 Wildcats. Sent in by Gloria VanDerhoof Lewis, by way of cousin Doris Decker Bertholf, wife of Stanley Bertholf. This photo, surely a collector's item, has the starting eleven of the 1935 WHS gridders in game formation. Included are such well known Warwick legends as Jim Rader, Bob Hall, Tom Shost - Coach, Frank "Mac" Veigh, Carl "Dutch" Staack - RT, Abe McCombs, (Captain) LB, Frank Krasniewicz - FB, Harry Henderson - LB, Bob Hann - RE, Ross Miller - RHB, Hank Lamoreaux - Asst. Coach, Jack Chamberlain - LT, Jack Kroh - LE
I love the uniforms, the helmets, the cars in the background. The school was brand new in 1935. Happy days for these young lads.

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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