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High Street Grade 3
Row 1 Carol VanTassel, Frank ???, Jack Scherer, Joe Carr, Art Houghtaling, Harriet Conklin
Row 2 Joe Dombrowski, Rich Logan, ??? DeFrancis, Bruce Nicoll, Benge Goschas, Albert Buckbee, ???
Row 3 Evelyn Rutan, ??? Quackenbush, Marsha Goschas, Deborah Ives, Amy Beattie
Row 4 Ronald Carr, Louis Henderson, George Housten, Larry Bohen, Sara Vance
Standing Helen Bonnyman, teacher; Robert Mosher Phys. Ed. Teacher; ???, Tom Cutler and Emmett Leeper

Evelyn Rutan Nielsen submitted these school pictures and put names on most of the faces. If anyone can identify the question marked please let us know. Also any information about anyone pictured would be cherished by all. ... from Evelyn Rutan Nielsen

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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