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by   Liz   Feagles Brown
- "That is priceless. I recogniz"

That's an obviously gleefull kid with Dorothy Ann Schlagel, circa 1952.

After the HS basketball games, as a pre-adolescent, I lingered in the gym waiting until it emptied out, which sadly signaled the evening's end for an eleven year old.
Once a lifetime maybe, a big kid would talk to you. You, the little kid, who didn't even know enough not to look so awestruck. And you could never hide your joy when they did.

But it would never happen that a big kid, let alone the school's prettiest girl, would sit next to you and someone would take your picture. Normally I would have kept my mouth closed to hide the braces, but ..well, just wasn't able to in this case. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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