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Bob Hart sent in this photo of some of Warwick's prominent citizens in the fifties, at a meeting of the Warwick Ambulance Corps

Front row: Left: Fred Fredricks, Charlie Lewis, Tom Talleur, Dr. Harry C. Sayre, Sr. Arnold Lee and Bill Miller.
Standing L to R: Fran Corwin, Ed Hagan, Ollie Swinson, George Hart, John Barry, Bill Patterson, Syl Krasniewicz, Don Reed, George Relyea, Bill Hamel, Lawrence Stage, Douglas Stage, Bob Ball, Ed Ernhout and Felix Adler.

Bob thinks that the photo was taken in the early 1980s, but I think that it is circa 1950s. We're both unsure. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Bob writes:
Well, I was lead to believe that this Ambulance Corps picture was taken in the 50's but I just found the newspaper article and it was 1983: This was a newspaper photo. Dad liked to get, from the paper, a copy of original photo's like that. However, I am lead to believe it was taken in 1983 as a reunion of the Pioneers.
If someone knows that a particular individaul was dead by then, that would make me wrong. Like, Doc Sayre Jr would know if his dad was around then. My dad was living in Fla in 83, but they always made a visit back to Warwick during the summers, so, Aug 83 would still be logical.
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Warwick, NY in the 40s and 50s

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