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by   Kel   Lachmann
- "Mary, as always it looks ..."

by   Mark   Williams
- "just hello everyone--Class ..."

The 45th reunion of the class of 1957, held at the Jolly Onion Inn, August 17, 2002. Mary McCormick Demarest sent in this wonderful photo. Those present were:

First row L. to R. Gale Corwin Toffel, Mary McCormick Demarest, George Feldner of Solid Geometry fame, Stella Mikulski Sanok, Donna Coddington Gorby, Caroline Crover Nicoll, Leo Carter, Peggy Gray Falahee and Shirley Card

Back row L. to R. Phil Rine, Ray Ruskiewicz, Barbara Poloniak Morgiewicz, Bruce Nicoll, Joe Stocken, Lambert Rudy, Bill Foley, Charlie Rioch, Bob Feagles.
Pat Roy McConnell also attended, but missed the picture.

Mary Frances writes "Everyone had a great time," and she noted the following as promising to make it to the 50th. As follows: Ginny Cooper Baker, Ash Morgan, Al Buckbee, Carol O'Dell Twilt, Betty Cooper Van Sycle, Kathleen Ames Rydell, and Paul Benz. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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