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How do you get to Overlook Drive?
      If I walked from my house, down Park Avenue to Parkway and past Deming Park, I think that I could have named the occupants of every home on the route.
        On our side was Hamel, then us, then Lazear and Epting. On the other side of the street was Gordon, Gilvan, Littell, Quackenbush, and Ryerson and then continuing around the corner Donnelly, Poley, Criger, and finally Emerich. There weren’t too many streets in the village where you didn’t know the vast majority of residents. At least that was the felling that we all had.
        On some town roads residents said that if a car drove down their road, they always knew who it was. This of course was true mostly with the country roads that surrounded the town but it held true on some town streets as well. One spring when I had a job picking up hay bales on Iz and Geri Demarest’s farm, I remember Geri was in her kitchen and she heard a car comming up Four Corners Road, ...Here comes so and so..., she said and sure enough, she was right. It was So And So.
        Along these same lines, an out-of-towner came to visit a friend one evening in 1959. He stopped at Ed Giveans’ gas station across from the high school field and asked Charlie Carter who was working at the station at the time, "How do you get to Overlook Drive?" Charlie responded, "Are you looking for Morgan?" The out-of-towner was quite amazed, thinking his friend was famous. The fact was that people knew who lived on almost every street and Charlie Carter just put two and two together. That’s just the way it was. In a way we were all famous.
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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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