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by   Liz   Feagles Brown
- "That is a classic story!..."

by   Nancy   Langlitz Stanfield
- "The picture of Flip looks ..."

by   .Gloria   VanDerhoof Lewis
- " In the top row is Vincent ..."

Gerry Mabbee Sauer submitted this wonderful photo taken at the "Senior Picnic" in 1955. It was an annual event for graduating classes, as I recall. Though not sanctioned by the school, I remember it being universally attended. Perhaps if one looks closer we could see that the beautiful smiles might just hide a hint of bittersweet recognition, that something very warm and good, the high school years, was coming to an end.
But on this day at High Point, NY in 1955, as pictured here, we were truly.. forever young.

Kneeling, L to R Austin Decker, Vince Krasniewicz, Kenny Sisco
Standing L to R Vince __?__, that has to be "Chip" Osborn - No?, and then Flip __?___
Missing two names.

Vince Krasniewicz remembers:
From Vince
I looked at the picture from the infamous class picnic; class of 1955. I don't know if you remember it but if you look at the cans we are drinking I think you will recognize a SHLITZ beer can in Austin's hand.

Hank Lameroux found out about the beer and went bonkers. When we got back to the school everyone went into the gym, Epting then asked myself, Kenny Sisco and Dick Reilly if we drank any beer, we all said yes, he then said you will not attend graduation - stay away. In his next breath he asks the class, “Did anyone else drink any Beer?”

You gussed it, no one fessed up. We then appealed to the school board with our parents to reverse Epting’s decision. Your father was the president of tthe board and they let us graduate with the class.

This all started when Wisner Buckbee, I believe it was him, and I were at the picnic table having lunch with everyone. Wis cracks open a beer and says, "What can they do to us now, we’ve all finished school." With that Lameroux grabs the can and throws it. However the beer spills out and goes all over him. You guessed it, he was pissed, and that is the story of the infamous Class of 55 Picnic at High Point, NJ.
... from Gerry Mabbee Sauer

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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