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Class of 52
Tess wrote back with the names.
Please offer any corrections

Tess writes
Class photo, I hope I have this correct. left to right front row.
Esther Sollecito Gyory, George Feldner, Rose Barczak Paffenroth, Edward VanRiper, Teresa Lesando Rooney, Jean Majewski V=Corbett, Virginia Clark Shuldt, and Charlotte Ullery Hill.

Back row:
Marion Crowe, Ralph Gurda, Grace Buckbee Ainslee, Marcella House VanDuzer, Ray Krajewski, Robert Paffenroth, Irwin Wagman, Alice Foley Martin, Edwqrd Pietrzak, Elaine Anderson Shird, and Roger Benson
... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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