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This photo on the right was sent in by Doug Barberio, who commented on the other L&H RR picture from Shirley O'Brien (see below).

Doug writes:
The Picture that you have on your page of an L&HR 4-8-2 number 11 (below). I believe is actually at Burnside. If you look to the left of the train you will see BX interlocking Tower that protects the O&W & L&HR traffic.

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Attached is a photograph from the late Robert Collins with 2-8-0 90 EastBound crossing Pelton Rd and entering the L&HR yards on 10/13/40.

You should email Marty Feldner at for additional L&HR information. He has a website :
Additional information on line at They have a number of photographs on the L&HR as well.

Thanks Doug ... from

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Orange, NY in the 40s and 50s

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