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by   Stella   Mikulski Sanok
- "Fred, looking good-anyone ..."

by   Fred   Wilcox
- "Stella, As long as you don't ..."

Fred recently sent this photo, along with a email. I had told him about my Army days near Hershey, PA where Fred now lives.

He wrote: Sounds like you were at Fort Indiantown Gap. While working for the PA Forest Service we used the Gap extensively for training. I have spent many a night in those old wooden barracks. Two of my children reside in Maine, one is in West Virginia, and the other is in the process of moving from the state of Washington to Maryland. She has the grandchild. I can now see him (the grandchild) more often.

Fred looks great. Don't you think?

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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