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by   Al   VanDerhoof
- "This couldn't be 1952. More ..."

by   Ed   Winchester
- "You're right Al, thanks...."

by   vince   Krasniewicz
- "In the first row it's Victor ..."

If there was ever a doubt that once upon a time " Yours was the Earth and everything that's in it", look closely at this photo - the natural beauty of the gathering clouds and trees in the background, the strong hands of youth set firmly into the grass in the foreground and most of all, the fresh faces of the WHS 1948 starting eleven.

Row 1, L. to R. Victor Shuback, Turk Uzenski, Ed Krajewski, B. Gamcoss, John Hawkins, John Pieterzak, Kenny Space.
Back Row Bob Miller, Fred Chubb, Herm Hasbrouck, Herb Penaluna

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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