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Bobbie wrote a nice note which is printed below, and also on the letters page.

Thought I would take a stroll down memory lane. Boy with the pictures and the letters a lot of the good times came back. My name is Bobbie (Wilcox) Lyons, we lived on Feagles Road between Amity and Pine Island and graduated in l953. The class is going to have a reunion in July of this year and sure hope most of everyone can make it. I already have our plane tickets purchased and looking forward to it. It has been 45 years since I lived in the Warwick area, but have tried to keep in touch with some, lost tract of others and unfortunately forgot a few. But with renewing my friendship with some of my classmates thru this electronic genius I find I have not gone senile just forgetful. My husband Morgan and I live on a small ranch just south of San Antonio, Texas, and besides raising Beef Master Cattle and Boar Goats, we have a lot of exotics. Fortunately we both have a love of animals and farm life. I have a son that has retired from the Navy after 25 years, married, living in Hawaii. His son will be entering medical school next year. I also have 2 step sons, one lives in San Antonio, and the other in Tabernacle New Jersey. Through my step children I have 3 other grandchildren. One in college, One in Modeling School and the oldest out on his own and does carpentry work. My Mom lives on the ranch with us, dad died 5 years ago. If I can find my old scrap book and album that I had while in school will send you some pictures. May take a while. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I am still working every day. Morgan has been retired from the local brewery (Pearl) for 8 years now, but I love what I do, basically my own boss so other than getting a tad bit older, a little more rounder, feel no different from that teenager that gave Pop Feldner hell all the time. Yes, I was terrible in Algebra but he forgave me in dramatics. Janet Schlagel, Betty Lou Gray and I have maintained friendship all these years and recently started talking electronically with Glen Doty, My talking to him gave me the courage to write this note and would love to say hello to any of my classmates or anyone else that would like to chit chat every once in a while. Well just wanted to say hello to everyone, hope to see most of you in July. Bobbie (Barbara) Wilcox Lyons Class of "53 Click to email Bobbie
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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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