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Scouting Exposition in Newburgh, 1951 TRUMPETERS: Frank Fotino (bottom left), Bruce Bell, Walter VanDien, Peter Ochs. CURTAIN TENDERS: Bob Hart, Nick Winslow STRONG MAN OF FUTURE - COB HOLDING THE WORLD - Ken Winslow INDIAN CHIEF BENDING A HORSE SHOE - Ed Carr MAN OF INDIA LIFTING 50LB GOLD BARS WITH TEETH - Bill Rowland TONY LIFTING 500LB - Bob Gove BARKER - Bill Walley

Bobby Hart writes:
I found an article about the pictured event.
"Our pack presented a side show, Strong Man Act, and was awarded a blue ribbon for excellent work. With the sound of trumpeters Frank Fotino and Peter Ochs, Walter VanDien and Bruce Bell, the show barker William Walley with his brown derby, announced "We are tonight presenting the Italian strongman, Tony (our Robert Gove) lifting 500lbs; the man from India (William Rolland) lifting eight 50 lb bars of gold with his teeth; Indian chief Iron Horse, (Eddie Carr) bending a horse shoe taken from the hoof of Roy Rogers horse, Trigger, and then a strong man of the future, Kenlen Winslow holding up the World." Curtain tenders were Robert Hart and Nicholas Winslow."
... from Bobby Hart

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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