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from WARWICK ADVERTISER — Baseball has been a passion for the Scotto family, starting with Bruce Scotto who moved to Warwick with his parents in the 1940’s. Three generations of his family have followed since then, including Class of 1985 standout pitcher Chris Scotto, Dan Scotto and many grandchildren whom all have a passion for baseball. It begins, though, with Bruce Scotto, class of 1958, who threw one of possibly only two perfect games in the history of Wildcat baseball. On May 3, 1957, 21 batters from Highland Falls got up to bat against Scotto. Twenty-one batters sat down. No hits, no walks, no base runners in the Wildcats’ 7-0 victory. Also on Coach Vince DeRosa’s roster that day were Gene Scheuermann (third base), David Morgan (second base), Don Bainbridge (short stop), Bruce Bell (catcher), Frank Fotino and Melvin Langlitz (first base) and outfielders Ed Winchester, Art Houghtaling and Joe Green to name a few. Fifty-five years later, almost to the day, Nick Scotto, son of Wildcat baseball standout Dan Scotto (Class of 1982) and grandson of Bruce Scotto, took the ball. Wearing the Wildcat purple and gold of the Wildcats modified baseball team he nearly matched his grandfather’s accomplishment. Through four innings this past May 1, Nick was perfect against Middletown Monhagen. Late in the fifth, however, he gave up a hit. No matter, the Wildcats would cruise to a 15–0 victory behind young Scotto’s pitching. (Coincidentally, Nick Scotto has some baseball genes from his mother’s side of the family as well: Her cousin plays baseball for the New York Yankees and wears number 2.) The baseball from Bruce Scotto’s perfect game can be seen in the Hallway of Champions in the display case outside the High School new gym, along with many other great pictures linking the generations of Wildcat ballplayers. ... from Greg Sirico

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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