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I obviously need help with these names. I’m guessing that the grade is seventh or eighth, because I don’t see the Pine Island students. Please comment your suggestions.
Row 1 - Sam Paffenroth, Lucile Kuchle, Don Kehoe, Justina Earle, Richard Quakenbush, could be Shirley Sinsabaugh, Gene Masker, Tavy Biafora , Jim Lavinski or Harold Brown, Lois Jackson, Jim Wood
Row 2 - Richard Beattie, Doris Horton, question, Dorothy Buss, question, question Lois VanTassel, Tim Teabout, Barbara Logan, question, question, question
Row 3 - question, Alan Youngman, question, question, could be Joan Salzano, John Winchester, Jane Kintz, Monty Beers, question, Gloria Ryerson, question, question, question
Row 4 - question, question, Shirley Cooper, Donna Feist, Myra McClure, Stanley Phillips, question, question, question, Jane Stiles, Marilyn Ringrose, question Joslyn, Judy Stidworthy
Row 5 - question, Seely Everett, John Logan, question, Loretta Groom, question ... from John Winchester

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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