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by   Alvie Norton   Leeper
- "To those who didn't know Mr La"

The 1949 Warwick Wildcats. Row 1. ___, ___, Ralph Clark, Bob Miller, Harvey Scheuermann, ____, Nelson Scheuermann, Jack Kazmar, Albie Conklin 2. Dick VanDuzer, ___, Bill Lewis, Charley Kittner, Al Vanderhoff, Red Depuy, Charlie Carter, Ralph Gurda 3. ___, ___, Ed Pietrzak, Matty Rick, Ray Krajewski, Ed Filopowski, ___, ___Rudinski, Ben Bierstein Coach Hank Lamoreaux … from the George Feldner lost collection, through daughter Amy ... from Amy Feldner Lawlor

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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