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by   Ruth   Durland (Feagles)
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by   Robert   Schmick
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Bob Schmick writes:

The Onion Festival started in 1939, and this is a float. At that time, before Texas became a leading grower, Pine Island was a major supplier of the nation's onions for those who didn't know. In addition to this pic I have a big brass token from the 1940 Onion Festival that was used to enter the celebration. I will scan and send an image of both sides of the token at some point for those interested in this kind of ephemera. The late Ed Peschel gave it to me knowing how much I loved the history of the Warwick. He shared his many old photo albums and stories of Warwick in the 10s, 20s, 30s, and 40s when I was a kid and these went well with my many walking adventures. Any further information would be appreciated about the Onion festival???

After seeing this photo on your site in a larger size than the original one I realize some things about it that I didn't previously see before. The woman on the float at the right is my great aunt Lydia Hasbrouck ( nee Kiel). She was an operator for the Warwick Telephone Company for over 40 years and started with the company, I believe, in 1937. So here she is on the Telephone Company's float when she was about 23 years old.

Robert Schmick, WVHS 1981

see brass token - front

see brass token - back
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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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