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This is the Pine island Glee Club 1948-49. This is the first I've heard of this esteemed group. Liz Feagles Brown sent this in, and wrote all of the names on a separate sheet.

Here they are :
Front row - L to R : Dickey Paffenroth, Rich Lines, Joe Krasniewicz, Arlene Scheffler, Christine Matusewski, Barbara Kudasick, Bernie Morgiewcz, Barbara Bogdanski, Gloria VanDuzer, Connie Morgiewcz, Jane Giza, Lorice Jarocki, Rich Labanoski, Max Smulewicz, Dicky Christensen

2nd row: Charles Schultz, Jr., Anna Mae Kucza, Florine Skutnik, Dot Matusewski, Emily Watch, Nancy Perry, Christine Weslowski, Eileen Delamater, Ann Marie Schmenik, Alice Christensen, Betty Helt, Janet Schlegel, Beatrice Shermski, Dorothy Bigert, Phylls Piasecki, Herbie Watch

3rd row: Rachel Morash, Jimmy -----, Robert Pietrzak, Mary Ann Bogdanski, Joanne Sherman, Dorothy Ann Schlagel, Paddy Labonski, Liz Feagles, Sally Brown, Dot Miller, Theresa Alaeki, Lorraine Johnson, Don Decker, Stanley Toffel

Back row: Mrs. Doty, Prof. Ortone, Florence Conklin, Joe Kucza, Helen Shuback, Barbara Wilcox, Doris Decker, Lorriane Sundol

Pardon any misspellings on my part, mistakes etc. Corrections welcome.

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Orange, NY in the 40s and 50s

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