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This wonderful photo was taken on the Goshen Courthouse steps in 1942, it was submitted by Betty Boley Berdinaskey. She named a few of the kids, .. more to come.

Sorry I've been remiss about adding Betty's comments. She wrote -
Donna: Our four oldest Boleys are Definitely in this picture: twins Kaye and Connie, age 6 -- Class of '54, front left; fluffy blond Nick, age 7 -- Class of '52, in 2nd row center, and Bill, age 8 -- Class of '51, further to the right in a similar but hooded light jacket. [I, Betty B. was a newborn, if born -- Dec '42, Class of '60, and Anne Lee was born in June '44, Class of '62.]

It will be fun to get others identified in this photo. Kaye refers to Karen Jensen-Bende -- now living on Golden Hill Ave, and her brother Bob.

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( ... from Betty Boley Berdinaskey

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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