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The GHS class of 1950 held its 41st reunion at La Masquerade Restaurant June 29, 1991. Front Row: Phyllis (Rosenberg) Kudan, Florence (Tuthill) Sawyer, Dorothy (Pearsall) Behrendt, Sarah (Dewitt) Moore, Ada (Andersen) Lipsey, Mary Kit Wallace, Carol (Semke) Swanwick, Barbara (Bradley) Petersen and Louise (Hawkins) White. Back Row: Kenneth Schoonmaker, Raymond Dzierzek, Walter Jensen, Gilbert Price, Ronald Purcell, Samuel Herbert, Lee Geiger, Joseph Guarino, Robert Osburn, Harold Sumpter, Thomas Lynch, Stanley Dudek, Peter Bach, Frank Heter, Robert McBride and Clifford Kelsey. ... from Joe Guarino

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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