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by   Jane   Bruce
- "My family used to own the ..."

by   Greg   Cochran
- "It’s very fortunate that ..."

Here's an advertisement for The Fair Mead Farm Tourist Home (now they're called B & Bs).

Robert Schmick writes:
My grandparents took in tourists in the 50s and my grandmother continued the practice after my grandfather passed away in 1964. I have two full guest books which might be of interest to someone. I remember my grandmother saying that Tex Ritter had stayed with them while on his country western singing circuit in the 50s. I have some stuff from the Warwick Dude Ranch someplace as well. I guess that guests went to the Dude Ranch as an entertainment while staying at the farm. This advertisement is circa 1950. ... from Robert Schmick, WVHS 1981

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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