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by   Alfred   VanDerhoof
- "Great picture but I don't ..."

WHS Class of '53 in 2003, in Pine Island, NY at John Ruskiewicz's farm..

First Row:
Richard Labanowski, John Ruszkiewicz, Betty Vail-Harding, Dorothy Bigert-Wright, Phyllis Piasecki-Loewenstein, Dale Felker-Tremblay, Janet Schlagel-Francisco (Jane Giza-Shuback in back of Dale Felker-Tremblay)

Second Row:
Bernadette Morgiewicz-Sidoti, Toni Manno-White, Theresa Rudinski-Glowaczewski, Dorothy Kamrowski-Chambers, Bernice Shunowski-Custard, Mary Florence Villamil-Collins, Fred Appleton, Betty Lou Gray-Smith, Virginia Crover-Astorino

Third Row:
Jeanette Yopp-Nebus, Elizabeth Ott-Brown, John Askham (hidden), Clinton Lord (hidden), Dorothea Miller-Allen, Carol Ann Keyser (hidden), Richard Carter, Raymond Mabee, James Bierstine

Fourth Row:
Joseph Kucza, William Patterson, Frederick Kobylaski, Barbara Wilcox-Lyons, John Deming ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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