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Bob lived most of his adult life in the state of Georgia. He joined the Air Force after WHS, as many of you may recall.
I had been thinking about him lately, wondering where he was and thinking of trying to round up some of the "kids" from the '56, '57, and '58 teams for a reunion. I mentioned him to Edna Ott and one day she went about trying to locate him, which she did, only to hear the shocking news from Bob's wife Donna, that he had passed away last March, 2001, from cancer.
Edna's note
I had some free time today so I tried to track down Robert Keyser. I have good and bad news. After three different phone calls, yes Ifound him however, very unfortunately Bob died of lung cancer March of 2001. I spoke to his wife of 34 years, Donna who could not have been a lovelier lady. He did not suffer long, Donna is a nurse and she cared for him at home until the end. Donna is very communicative and spoke of the many degrees Bob had received as he loved study. He was actively working until he got ill. They did not have any children. They lived in Macon, Ga.
Sorry to be sending you sad news. My best, Edna

I also spoke with Donna, inquiring about Bob's life and relating that he was a much loved pal of all in the village of Warwick, and that he was an outstanding athlete.
She was most warm and gracious with me, relating that Bob worked as a guidance counselor in his later years, that he was an avid golfer, and that he was very proud of his many academic degrees, Engineering and then later a Master's in counseling. ... from

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, NY in the 40s and 50s

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