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Blackie - 26 Jun 1939 - 15 Mar 2008

Blackie and I had been the best of friends since age twelve. One day around the start of the 1950s there was a sleepover at my home. Before drifting off to sleep we talked about life.
What would life be like when we were fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one and the finally thirty?
The last milepost brought laughter, and much disbelief. We repeated over and over,
"Can you believe that one day we’ll be thirty years old?"
We were in our forty-something years when the sleepover night and our talk about life and aging
was re-visited in the kitchen of Blackie’s Fairview Avenue home. What surprised me was that
both Ken and I recalled the evening as well as the "Can you believe that one day we’ll be thirty?" remark.
It brought laughter again and more than a hint of the fleeting nature of our years.

And so today, it brings to mind a question : "Did we ever reach thirty, my friend?"

It could have come and gone without our notice. After all, we were so busy.

But more likely it is that every time that Blackie and I got together it seemed as if no time at all had passed.

Until today.

You were much loved by all my friend and that more than anything is testimony to a life well lived. You may not have seen it at the time but my idea is that no one did God’s work on earth better than you. May God bless you and your wonderful family. I love you. ... from

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, NY in the 40s and 50s

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